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PacificSport Northern BC focuses on helping youth achieve performance goals. We offer weekly programs, camps & individual consultations that help young athletes throughout their growth and development. We can provide the majority of our services in any community across Northern BC, however in Prince George & Fort St. John we have staff who can help with weekly supervision for Strength & Conditioning programs. Check out the tabs on this page for more information in any of our athlete programs and services for ages 12+.

“Great program for youth athletes! My son received individualized training from really well-qualified instructors. He’s learned ways to recover from old injuries and limitations and hopefully prevent them in the future.”

“I would like this program to continue because it allows peoples lives to be pain free, makes everyday living a lot easier and allows people in sport to rise up to the best of their ability. It will help me with my year round high performance training plan.”

“The instructors are very friendly and funny. They know what they were talking about and can tell when your body shouldn’t be pushed any farther.”

“Since starting the PacificSport program I have noticed that my flexibility and overall balance in general has improved. The program offers great 1-on-1 teaching even though you are in a group setting.”

“The programs are great! There’s a good variety in skill development and the instructors are very good at customizing the programs to fit the athlete’s needs. Small class sizes are great for individual attention.”

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