Physical Literacy

Without physical literacy, research shows many children and youth withdraw from physical activity and sport. Children report that not having the skills to play is one major reason they drop out. Reference from the Canadian Sport for Life. Even the top professionals first had to develop physical literacy as children. And they had to practice their skills for years, before they were ever recognized as special talents.

In fact, scientific research has proven that you need 10,000 hours of practice to become an “expert.”

To develop physical literacy, children need to learn fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills. What’s more, they need to practice these fundamental skills for hundreds of hours in the playground, at school, in recreation programs, and within sport clubs before they reach puberty. Physical literacy also means that children learn to “read” what is going on around them in an activity and reacting appropriately. Children should acquire physical literacy in each of the four activity environments – land, water, air, and snow and ice. With physical literacy, the door opens to a world of opportunities in sport and physical activity. PacificSport Northern BC provides quality Physical Literacy programs for ages 4-13. Check out our program details by selecting your child’s age in the above tabs.

“Thanks Sarah!! This was the most valuable workshop I have experienced with our students. Clayton was absolutely amazing. Having someone that skilled and inspirational to work with our children was exciting. Our students were inspired to not only participate in the event this summer but very motivated to train and do well. We were very grateful for the opportunity. Thank you to everyone involved!”
– Regarding a special XploreSportZ Triathlon with Clayton Wilkinson of the PGYMCA

“Mark & Jason had a blast at Camp! They came home happy everyday and were keen to share what they learned with us. And that’s saying a lot because both of them tend to be home-bodies.”

“The sport camp was great exercise, fun-filled action, well organized and well run. We’ll do it again!”

“My oldest child was not all interested in Wheelchair Basketball before he came but he totally enjoyed it. It is a good way to try sports.”

“A great camp to introduce kids to new sports & meet new friends!”

“Just wanted to say that having an adult program run at the same time as the kids is a GREAT idea! So many times us parents are just sitting on our bums for the hour or so that our kids are in a program!”